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for a long time I was asking myself: „How can I believe in me?“ Well that is why I want to write about it. You know that a lot has changed in the past few years – I grew up. I always did what I wanted, but starting in middle school others influenced me and I tried to fit in. Because of my exchange year I learned that you can stay yourself and still fit in. You do not have to change – just stay yourself! Many people need a long time to find their path and who they are. Others find out really quick. Everyone is different and we all have to manage this step alone. It is our own move our own decision for our lives! That´s why we are the most important that matters.

Experiencing yourself to 100% is impossible but believing is. It is an advantage to trust your characteristics. Every single one of us is unique and our features are exceptional. That is why we need to accept, like and support them. In the following text I give you some advices:

Why am I a different person in public?

The answer is up to you! I can tell you for years I did not know how to act in school, around my friends or others. I was insecure and I behaved different than with my family. My family supported me and I was always able to be honest and myself no matter what. In changing environments I have not had the ability to do so, too. Many of you may experienced the same and agree with me that it is normal to be different, but not standing for yourself at all is not right! So reflect your own behavior. I realized that I did not gave myself the chance to be „I“. It took me a long time till I learned how to stay myself and believe in it. Other environments helped me with this. Also being a teenager is not really a big support in this process ; )

How do I realize who I am?

For that my code word is „self-reflection“ – because every single detail is important. So you can observe yourself and recognize what is good for you. My experience is that others cannot help you with this. You should do things you like and if so this are the things you should do all the time. Mostly we know what is right for us, but when we ask us questions about our behavior „reflection“ is the answer. And again everyone is different so do your own things. People have parallels but never try to have more parallels than necessary – that is how you lose your own path and support. It can be hard to follow and believe in your own way but at the end you can be proud of yourself for doing it. So be open and do not push yourself to much.

Am I selfish when I believe in myself?

No! To be egoistic you need to have a massive amount of narcissism and this has nothing to do with self-confidence.  Don´t be scared everyone has the right to love him/herself how they are and also to stay this way. The behavior among others should not change – when you like yourself it doesn´t mean that you can treat others badly. You wont overact when you reflect yourself and your actions. You wont become selfish when you believe in yourself!

What did I learn?

I had to change myself a lot in the past years and I did not like that. It is a big relief to be who I am today and that others accept me just like that. There is no performance I need to stay in the whole day because others do not know the real person behind the role. In my age people change and it needs to be accepted and supported. Many times we force ourselves into boxes and close them – this is dangerous. We are young and able to try everything. Lets use this time to be creative, fancy and experimental. You wont lose anything.

I hope I was able to help you with this post. It is not always easy and if you have questions you can text me – I will help you!

Have a successful week,

xoxo Nike

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