Hi – during my high school exchange I took a photography class. My final project was to make my own website; so here you are! This page has a collection of my art and what motivates me to take pictures…

Photography was always my motivation to do art, because painting and drawing is not really my thing. When I turned eight I got my first camera a little one and I took it wherever I went. After four years it would not work anymore and I got a new small camera that I still use today as a pocket camera for quick pictures. As I got older my favor for photography grew and my mom decided to get a digital camera (DSLR) – I stole it a lot. She preferred me not using it, but I loved to go out and to take high quality pictures. So I got an own digital camera to take pictures of my adventures in the US. I took around 5,000 pictures in the past nine months so it was one of my best investigations I made.

In the US I always heard about all the different classes you can take in high school so I was pretty sure I will take photography and after I was not getting in it in the first semester – I finally made it in the second semester. This part of my website will present all of the nine projects we did this semester.

Elements and Principles

Composition Project

Photographic Techniques

Black and White Project

Restauration Project


Master Photographer


Creative Collage