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Two weeks ago I was on an amazing trip to Washington D.C. From my scholarship program we got to spend the week in Washington D.C. I met a lot of people from Germany who have the CBYX too. There were 88 students and all of us live in the midwest of the U.S. Our week was a really busy week.

We arrived on Sunday at noon and had to register for the week. Next, we had a late lunch at Subway. Hours passed until we finally met the other students. In the evening we had a welcome dinner and we were told about the coming week.


The first trip Monday morning was to the Newseum where we got information about the world press and a special focus on the American press. I was surprised by how often we saw exhibitions about 9/11 and special documentation with interviews from journalists who captured this horrible terror attack. After our visit to the Newseum, we got to see Capitol Hill for the first time. We had a tour on Wednesday that I will tell you about later. The final stop for the day was a tour of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.

On Tuesday our second day in D.C., we had the honor to go to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. The museum opened in September 2016 and it was sold out till March 2017. We got a great impression of the African American culture in the U.S. and what impacts history has today. After this museum, we had the choice to go to the National Air & Space Museum or to the National Gallery of Art. We chose to go to the National Air and Space Museum but our expectation was different than what we actually have seen. I was blessed to have had such amazing people around me that made a boring museum fun. The highlight of our Tuesday was an NBA Basketball Game between the Washington Wizards and the Orlando Magic. Before the game, we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The game was an unforgettable experience even though the Wizards lost.


After this long amazing evening, we headed back to the hotel where we got a few hours of sleep for the next most important day. Wednesday we got to meet Congress and House members from our states. I never expected that I could just walk around Capitol Hill where the American government is placed. I met staff members instead of the actual elected representatives but talking with them was an awesome experience. With my friends, I also visited the Library of Congress and a Committee Meeting. We also took a few pictures because we all were dressed up. Before we went back to the buses we saw the arrival of Vice-President Joe Biden.

Our next stop was to visit the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Martin Luther King Memorial.

Michele Obamas dress

Our last day was full of presentations, workshops, and seminars. Around noon we went to the National Museum of American History and in the evening we had dinner in the hotel. It was our last evening so we also had something called a Dance & Social. On Friday we headed back to our host families. For the flight, I had to get up at 3 am and my flight was at 9 am. I arrived home at noon.

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