the joy of a journey

how you get somewhere sometimes is the most exciting part of traveling – the journey. during my travels, i experienced some fascinating journeys. our journey to chile definitely deserves to be told.

while waiting for my train to munich our flight to houston the next day got canceled. that meant we had to arrive at the airport at 5 am. two hours later we got waitlisted on a flight to newark – like everyone else. what can i say we got the last three seats on a full flight to new york city.

now you´re in new york

well, eight hours later in new york city, we had to start organizing a shuttle, hotel, and our second flight. did you know that newark and jfk do not cooperate? the staff was not able to help us book a hotel. we booked a small hotel in queens. the next morning we woke up at 6 am – thanks to our jetlag. perfect timing to take the subway to manhattan. we had 5 hours in manhattan which was enough to walk along 5th and 7th avenue, visit times square, the library, the grand central station, central park, and see the empire state building. between all of that, we had time for two coffees, bagels, and donuts, gifted by great street sellers.

last episode

after an amazing morning, it was time to fly to santiago de chile. it was a 10 hours overnight flight which was relaxing as i slept the whole flight. in chile, we had no problems with customs and surprisingly got to know other exchange students from our university. with them we went to santiago to get some breakfast at subway – we couldn’t find a better place close to estacion central (later we learned that this part of the city is definitely not the place to be). finishing our sandwiches we headed to valparaiso.

our odyssey of three travel days ended in our hostels and with the first pisco sour on a rooftop bar in valpo.

have a wonderful time and enjoy your journeys!

yours nike ^^

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