new adventures

ups i did it! first of all hello and welcome back to my blog. finally, after years of working on it, it´s time to relaunch. there could be a no better cause than my semester abroad in chile. around a year ago i started to think about where i would like to study and somehow i decided to apply for a spot in valparaiso, chile. now that i am here i have to say i could not have made a better choice.

it´s so far away from germany. i live close to the pacific ocean and i can improve my spanish skills. most important i enjoy the lifestyle here. from one moment to another i felt like i am free. i am free of obligations, pressure, and expectations. i can live – finally, i have space to breathe, which i was refusing to make in germany.

where am i?

in the beautiful city called valparaiso. it´s directly at the pacific ocean and fun fact – the easter islands are part of the city district. valparaiso is special for having a plan (flat city center) and many cerros (hills). most people here live in the cerros and during the days everyone is down at the city center which is close to the ocean. additionally, the city is very artistic and has its own colorful spirit. right next to valpo is viña del mar a very commercial city. going there is a completely different experience. my faculty is actually in viña and i like being able to experience both – the creative and the commercial life.

what am i doing?

a semester abroad – that means i am a normal student at the escuela de arquitectura y diseño der pontificia universidad católica de valparaiso. therefore i go to classes every week and have to absolve a semester project like in germany. most important i learn a new perspective on learning how to become an architect. which i see as a big privilege and i am happy to have this opportunity.

that´s all for now, but i am happy to be back soon with some stories. have a great time!

yours nike ^^

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