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monthly update #december

This year went by very quickly. As 2019 is already over I recap what has happened in my life this year. It has been a year of ups and downs, and I enjoyed every second of it. I am grateful for all the things I was able to do and more than that I am thankful for all the people I met. Throughout the year I grew up a little bit more because I learned a lot from others or out of my own mistakes. For now, let the December update begin.

What happened?

The best thing about December is Christmas time and the best thing there are Christmas markets. Every weekend in December I spent at all sorts of Christmas markets. Not only do I love the flair of a market do I like to see how they develop. It is interesting to visit small markets which aren´t as mainstream as the big markets. Christmas is a very creative time period for me. I was knitting and sewing because I love to gift self-made presents.

During the weeks I was working at the kindergarten where we sang, played, and prepared all kinds of stuff for Christmas. We even performed a small Gruffalo puppet theater for the kids. Surrounded by kids Christmas time was magical.

Christmas eve and the holiday I spent with my family. We went to the nativity play and enjoyed the time together. During the time until New Year’s Eve, I met with friends.

What´s next?

That is a hard question. 2020 brings many new plans with it. It´s a new year where my life will change and it will have an impact on it. As I finished school in 2019, I plan to start university in the fall.

Let´s start with January. I will be in Berlin again for a few days and there will be another seminar.

Cheers to a great year!

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