monthly update #november

wow, time flies, and i definitely don´t feel like christmas or it´s the end of a year. still, november has passed and it is time for my monthly recapture of what i did here in chile. this is going to be interesting because this month passed so fast that i don´t remember what i did…

what have i done?

i started off in buenos aires (the blog post about this trip still has to be written). a major thing for me was that i danced the tango for the first time in my life and i loved it. arriving back in chile i had the experience of getting my phone stolen. luckily i brought my old phone to chile and so i had a backup. for everyone that tries to write me whatsapp my german number will be re-activated by the end of december.

after this adventure, i remember there was a week where i partied thursday, friday, and saturday. i felt really old afterward because i wasn´t able to do anything during the day. still, this week was great. meanwhile, i had experiences that i never expected to have. they made me stronger.

also, i spent time at university we had our travesía. for this, we constructed columns in the university and at the end of the month we went on a three-day trip to colliguay. this trip was a completely new experience and again i grew so much and learned so much about myself. we slept two nights as wild campers close to our construction side and during the days we built the architecture.

then a big part of this month was my project for university. let me say another semester, another procrastination, and another all-nighter at the end. it feels weird that my time in uni here is so close to an end.

what have i learned?

i learned to go with my instincts and to have trust in myself. more so i learned to be less afraid of certain situations and that i have people around me on whom i can always count and get the best advice. and besides that, i learned that three days without a bathroom are possible…

what i am looking forward to?

i usually would write down i am looking forward to christmas this time of the year. but this year is different it´s the first time that i celebrate christmas in summer. nevertheless, there are so many great adventures ahead that i am excited to experience. plus i am really looking forward to being reunited with my mom this month.

yours nike ^^

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