monthly update #october

how crazy fast time flies. it´s november and the semester at university is almost over. this post though is supposed to be about last month which was a crazy month for me. i really felt at home here in chile and fell in love with the country more and more…

what have i done?

the month started with the carnival “mil tambores” here in valpo. we had a lot of fun seeing as many groups as possible and enjoying the party. after the weekend i finally went on a city tour with one of my friends. it was so cool to see new parts of the city and listen to the history. ever since the tour, i used so many new ways around the city.

exploring new places led us to a trip up north to la serena, valle del elqui, copiapó and the desierto florido. it was a lot of fun and i will definitely write about this trip in an extra post. after our long weekend traveling the 70th-year celebrations of our faculty were starting. we had three days of workshops, games, and talks. it all ended with a huge party at the ciudad abierta.

besides traveling and partying i was in university. we built parts of the house from our professor and cooked a lot. additionally, i had a presentation in one class, and thanks to translators i was able to read my part in front of the class. my spanish really improved this month which is so cool.

my biggest decision this month was my trip to buenos aires. from the end of october till the beginning of november i was in argentina. it was my first time traveling solo and i loved it. this whole trip is definitely worth another post and i will start writing right after posting this monthly update.

what have i learned?

something i want to include in my monthly updates is my learnings. living so far away from my family and most of my friends i have to trust myself and my instincts and i realized i can do this. i learned to travel alone and to do things for myself. most important i am happy – i am happy for so many things and i learned to allow myself to be happy for all the little and big changes in my life.

what i am looking forward to?

november will be crazy. i have no plan for what will happen this month but i am excited to live my life. i am looking forward to enjoying every second and keeping my energy.

yours nike ^^

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