monthly update #october

Time is flying – that is actually the first thing I had to learn growing up. It can also mean that hard times will be over sooner than you think. That is something I had to experience in October. All my plans changed this month and here I want to tell you why and how exactly.

What happened?

At the beginning of October I was in an Airbnb in Madrid. Quickly the situation changed and I had to go back to Germany to get a surgery. Afterwards I spent a lot of time thinking about going back to Spain or not. I decided to stay in Germany. So all I had to do is look for something to do. That is quiet hard when university just started and all the last minute courses aren´t interesting. My options were limited find a job and work, do an internship or voluntary service. I even did not believe I would be able to find a voluntary service.

Than in the middle of October it went really quick. From one day to another I saved myself a place in a kindergarten as a volunteer. Therefore I had to go to many different appointments. That meant I was really busy.

At the end of October I went on a four day wellness vacation with my mother. We enjoyed some time in Rostock, went to Warnemünde and Graal-Müritz for some walks at the Baltic sea. It was so nice to relax a few days and spent time together.

What is coming?

I will start my voluntary service. Therefore I will move to my grandparents at least during the week. The weekends I will mostly spent in Leipzig or other cities.

For November I planned some new posts on my blog and I am excited to share them with you. I wish you a cool November.

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