monthly update #september

Another month is gone by and even though it is already October. I still want to tell you what happened last month. I thought because I finished school – and told you to keep you updated on what I am doing – I will do this kind of monthly update. They include what happened and a short preview of what is to come. Are you ready?

What happened?

Starting on August 20th I traveled to Valencia to stay with my au-pair family for their summer vacation. It was a beautiful time at the beach and I finally got a tan.

In September we returned to Madrid to start our daily routine with the kids. I got to know Madrid, a beautiful city with a lot of charm. Additionally, I started studying Spanish again. The best thing was, getting to know all these amazing people and making new friends.

Well, I also got sick: first, a throat infection, followed by a cold, a middle ear infection, and at least tonsillitis. The time in the family was a hard one. It just did not work out for me. Concerning this, I met new families and decided to take the last week of September off for recovering. That went to hell, but I did not know it back then.

What is coming?

Right now I am recovering from a surgery I had last week. I am back in Germany and trying to figure out what my next steps will be. My first priority is my health and I want to be fit again. Due to this, I do not know if I will continue the experience in Spain or if I will stay in Germany.

I am starting to feel better again. So my plan for this month is to make a plan. To get my sh*t together and change things. This should be all for now – I hope you have a wonderful October.

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