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Many of you know me just from seeing the hallways or having a small talk – well I thought it is time for you to get to know me better. For this, I think a “50 facts about me tag” is really good. Before I start I want to wish all of you merry Christmas!


1.) I was born in Berlin and lived in Cambridge for a while, but when I was almost four we moved back to Leipzig.

2.) I live together with my mother.

3.) I am an only child.

4.) I love Christmas and Birthdays because you can play with your creativity. Also, I like it when people enjoy having friends and family around.

5.) I danced for almost 12 years in many different dance styles.

6.) I play piano now for 10 years and it helps me a lot with my school work. I also played guitar but just for fun.

7.) I always sing – when I entered my first choir I had a bad voice but after many years of vocal lessons I can control it.

8.) I share many clothes with my mother. We always fight about who owns what but one week later the other person wears it.

9.) We have so many shoes that it is hard to decide which ones you wear.

10.) Since I have an e-book reader I read at least one book per month but mostly I read around three.

11.) Last year I was an exchange student in the U.S. There I was a junior and now I have to re-do my junior year in Germany.

12.) I changed schools a lot but since seventh grade, I have been at my current school.

13.) I love to travel. My goal is to visit as many countries as possible. I want to use my time in college to see the world.

14.) I can fluently speak German and English

15.) In school I also learned Spanish, Italian and I am still learning French

16.) My favorite food is sushi. There is nothing better than this.

17.) My writing skills are pretty bad – The only sort of text I can write are poems, but I really enjoy writing for my blog.

18.) I am pretty sure what I want to study. That´s why I was in Weimar for one week. Look here if you want to read more about Weimar!

19.) Fairness and loyalty are really important to me

20.) I can connect with others really easily, but sometimes I am too open-minded for others.

21.) I always need new people around me – there are always new things to learn from them.

22.) I never drank tea till my friends suddenly gave me so many kinds that I had to drink them. Now I at least drink one per day in summer and winter.

23.) I am too lazy to make coffee, but if there is some – I will drink it.

24.) My friends are really important to me and they know I will always support and help them.

25.) I was never a person for rituals every day but I need rituals on Christmas and my birthday.

26.) I went on a student exchange to Italy – Sardinia.

27.) I learned so many things in the past years – My character changed a lot as well.

28.) I love to cook – and I cannot use a microwave or cans – it needs to be fresh.

29.) I am too lazy to buy cooked food – instead, I make my own food which often takes longer but I like it.

30.) At a really young age I started a makeup obsession.

31.) I love to take pictures.

32.) I have a huge jewelry collection.

33.) I am my hardest critic.

34.) I am an optimistic person.

35.) I smile and laugh a lot.

36.) My hair is dark brown, but not black.

37.) I never wear nail polish, because I always forget to paint my nails.

38.) I like to curl my hair.

39.) I do not like borders because they are made to cross.

40.) There is no “this is not possible” for me – because when you believe in it everything is possible.

41.) I am a realistic dreamer.

42.) I do not like to lose control.

43.) I plan and organize everything.

44.) I keep all my stuff in a bullet journal or Filofax.

45.) I do not like to let people down or cancel things.

46.) I always believe in the best in everybody.

47.) I love to cycle.

48.) I love to inspire people.

49.) Also, I like it when others inspire me.

50.) My favorite quote is: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”


Wow, these are 50 facts about me. Did you think I was like this? I am excited about your feedback.

I also hope you had a nice Christmas and enjoyed the holidays with your family and friends.

Thank you for reading!

xoxo Nike

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