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Today I will have a new kind of post for you. In the past few months I became a watch lover. Here I will present my watch and an accessoire I wear a lot. I always looked for an elegant neutral watch, I can wear everyday and also for special events. Daniel Wellington has a variety of models and I found the perfect watch for me.There are a bunch of benefits you get from wearing a watch…

First – you will always know what time it is ; ) you may think this is obvious but living in a time were we have our phones and check so many things on them I often forget to check the time. When I look at my watch it keeps in my mind because there is just one thing to do with your watch … Another point for me is that in my school we are not allowed to use phones so it is better to have a watch to check time than trusting school clocks.

Second – there perhaps be the possibility that you will be on time ; ) I would say I´m not always too late but I tent to be. Wearing a watch gives me more control over time and so I can plan better and at least get to appointments on time. I can tell you; your environment will appreciate it.

Third – a watch simply is a style element. We all had a watch when we were younger; can you remember the little imprints they had? Mine was from hello kitty and I loved it! When we got older watches from Ice Watch became a trend and it fade away as fast as it came. Well, now we wear casual watches to match our style. Many people wear smart watches – but I think a simple watch with a dial is the best.

As Christmas is coming you can think of a watch as a present for your loves. It is a present that lasts for a while and also it holds the time … and as we all know:

“Time is more valuable than money”

And now enjoy your time!

xoxo Nike

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