relax and take some time to rest

In the past few months, I learned that breaks are really important. During the past two years of school, I tried to control and plan a lot. I did not want chaos, but this should not be a reason for you to overload yourself with tasks. It is better to take a day or two off before you are getting sick and have to stay in bed for a week. That was the most convincing idea for me. Ever since I found out that it really helps me to take a break for a day once in a while I was not sick for more than three days.

That takes me to my next point. While adapting to the situation in Spain I ignored my symptoms. Usually, I pay a lot of attention to headaches, colds, or other little things. The past thought me that I get colds really quickly when I am really tired and need to get some sleep. This is relevant for other little pains. It often helps to take a break when the pain starts instead of provoking it.

Taking time to rest is also really important for your mental health. We all have a constant stress level. There are things we have to do and there are other people who rely on us. I get it! It is not easy to say no or even harder to say I need more time. Nevertheless, I experienced that it helps. Many people will understand you and support you. Also, it is a great strength to accept weakness.


There are many things that can help you to relax a little bit. It is important to find a way for yourself. I like to meditate but I do not plan it. There is no special time when I meditate my body tells me when and I listen to it. It may sound weird but during school playing the piano helped me. After doing math assignments I played the piano and relaxed – I gained new energy.


If nothing helps try the ocean. Water calms down – I think you can agree. This October I went to the Baltic sea and it was a good time. A few days were all I needed to start something new. The sea is not only a great spot in summer it is also amazing in spring, autumn, and winter. You do not need to go into the water, beach walks help a lot to clear your mind. If being alone is not your thing then take a friend I think they will enjoy a short trip, too.

All I can tell you is: “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!” Believe me, it is the best way. I hope this post helped you and you enjoyed reading it.

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