Organize and structure your life!

Oh well, I think everyone and every life could need a little structure. Most of the time my life is screaming “organize me!” So let´s start with it. It´s a new year and I have my Abitur examinations in April/May so until then I need a lot of time for studying, but I also learned that I need other activities besides school and this is why a structure is really important.

Where to start organizing?

The first thing that helps me a lot is a planner. I had a hard time finding one that fits my needs. I tried Filofax and it was a success for two years, but since 2018 I have been planning with a bullet journal and it´s great. Some months I just need a monthly spread and other times I need weekly spreads or other information. I can keep a lot of thoughts in this little book. For breaks, I love to make detailed timetables so I have more structure on a daily base.

Step by step – clean up for beginners

Mainly having a plan doesn´t work on the first trial. It needs time to adjust. First starting the whole structuring process I had trouble holding on to the plans I made for a day. I had to learn how to make realistic plans and organize them. Furthermore, I realized that sometimes I have to write fewer points on a to-do list or in my planner so I motivate myself because I get more stuff done than I had planned – wow that sounds organized.

Lists to organize

Everyone is talking about to-do lists and I love them, but basically, I love to write them but accomplish? Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn´t. Especially for my school work, I started colored lists where I organize every assignment and study. I mark the due date with different colors so I know which color is due on what day. This is how I can assure I do all of my schoolwork. Something I like about this I even can cross the things I´ve done.

Starting with this kind of list I learned to pre-write a list and then categorize the things on it. So I only write down the most important ones on the actual list. This way I can leave out the pressure of other things. While working on to-dos you should not forget to have breaks. When you´re over-motivated you can even use these breaks for some smaller things to accomplish. For me, this means on study breaks I most of the time tidy up my room.

Distractions while planning

Make distractions a part of your plan. Right now I should be studying for an exam I´ve tomorrow, but well I am rather writing a blog post so well on my list I also have the point blog post so this is kind of one of my points on my list. So I kind of can accept this distraction. For me, this counts as a study break. Find yourself things you also need to get done, put them down on your list and use them as a break.

Never forget organization also can be fun. So don´t drown in your work look out for yourself. And if you finish school this year too I am with you through all the abitur examinations. Now you can organize your life if you want or just keep things going like they used to go.

Hope to hear from you!

xx Nike

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