Short hair don´t care

Short hair is nothing special for me usually, but for the first time in my life I got a hair cut in a barber shop. So I had to write a blog post about it. 

Why short hair?

Why not – should be the answer! Just try something new and be creative. A new hairstyle can change so much. You become confident and look grown up. Besides you need to cut your hair once in a while. Don´t hide behind your hair – show yourself to everyone.

For myself, I decided to change my hair every two years. My hair has the opportunity to grow and than when I cut it I know it will be long again in some months. I really like the way my hair is because it is healthy most of the time. 

Before my hair was cut we talked about how I want to have it.

Perfect cut

I was looking up hairstyles in the internet before I went to the studio. Short hair – was what I was looking forward to have. Well, that was all I prepared for and than I let the hair cutter take over. I mean they know what they do so why shouldn´t I trust them. 

My hair was pretty long so we decided to cut around 30cm off before washing and doing the real cut. It was fun experiencing the washing in a massage seat for the first time.

Friseur Michèle

Before, I mentioned that it was my first cut by a hair stylist. It never occurred to me to go to a coiffeur. My mother cuts my hair pretty well too. When I got asked if I want to be part of a commercial video I thought it would be great to have this experience.

Here is the short clip. I am not a huge part of it though it was an experience.

If you are from Leipzig and looking for a hairdresser I can recommend you “Friseur Michèle”. For now I will wait some time till I cut my hair again but maybe it will be by a professional hairdresser again.

I hope you liked this kind of post. Tell me if you want some hairstyle inspirations and I will shoot some for you. See you next time…

xx Nike

*unbezahlte Werbung

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