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Welcome back to a new blog post. I know it has been a month without any posts, but my life right now is really busy. I have to study a lot and also I have to follow all my other free time activities. This is the reason why sometimes the time I spent on my blog is really short. I have many ideas about what to post, but like always time is making it hard to accomplish it all. Also a big thank you to everyone who answered my question on Instagram. You possibly already realized that I will continue writing in English. The majority of you voted for this language. There is a high possibility that I will write something in German, too.This post is about Weimar. I was there on a college visit and I think that this is the place where I want to study. I know it has some time till I have to make a final decision but it always helps to inform yourself. The week I got to spend in this small city was amazing. I love the atmosphere the city spreads. The way it combines history and modern ages impresses me always. I like to visit the houses of Goethe or the royal estates which make the city a UNESCO world cultural heritage. When you visit Germany Weimar is definitely a place to see.

I got to meet many students from Germany. We had a lot of fun – so whenever you have the possibility to go on a college visit do it! Together with them, I had the opportunity to explore the city and get to know more places and other aspects than normal tourists have.  I was in Weimar last year, too. Back then we visited the typical tourist places and I got interested in the University. I really enjoyed the flair – one day in the US I decided to look for college opportunities in Germany and there I found this “Schnupperstudium” in Weimar. I was so happy to see this that I signed up the same day and back in Germany I just had to ask my school if I can get this one week off.

Before I was there alone I thought it is going to be expensive – the city is made for many tourists so of course, they have expensive restaurants and some high-priced attractions, but being a student there is different. If you once know the good cafés and bistros you will be amazed at how cheap it actually is. I fell in love with the city.

Telling you everything about the city it is important to know that even though the city is small there are many things to do. They have a great park, where you can spend hours walking down the paths and just enjoy the beautiful landscape. In summer the grasslands are filled with people who study, read, and listen to music … It is a space full of colors and motivation. Besides the park, you can walk through the whole city. There is no need to own a car. You will spend more time finding a parking lot than walking from one place to another. One thing I recognized in Weimar is that there are a lot of shoe stores I do not know why but I think it is crazy that every second store sells shoes. I love it though!

Another side of the city is that it is close to the concentration camp “Buchenwald”. Many tourists spent one day at the monument outside the city. All Germans know that at this place really bad things happened. After the US soldiers freed the captured people they brought all the inhabitants from Weimar to the place where they can see what the Germans did there and that no one can say it is all made up. I hope that never ever something like this happens again. Our country is up to be a good role model for others.

I know this post has a lot of text. But after a few people wished that I write more I agreed and decided to just do it. I have many more pictures from the city that I will post in a separate post. So keep waiting for updates…

Hope you had a great weekend and have a good start to the week!

xoxo Nike

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