Plan whatever you want to do!

Something I thought about for quite a while. There is so much going on in my life, that I often fall into bad habits or try to make it right for everyone. Unfortunately, this is not possible – so I need to make decisions and set priorities to achieve my goals. I love being busy and always on my way to planning something, but I need time for myself as well. 

Do whatever you want to do!

There are no limits on what you are able to do. So many doors will open for you if you try to push them. Only one thing has to be done by you – get up and start. Literally, that´s all! Every start is hard but when you first did it you will be motivated to keep doing it. A good plan also helps you to stay focused and overlook your achievements.

Others’ opinions are unimportant

Whenever you’re pursuing something for yourself no one has a right to stop you, because it’s your own thing. Still, please don’t forget to listen to friends and family though, because they can help you and sometimes have great ideas too. For yourself, you need to figure out who you trust and whose opinion matters to you. In the end, it is your own decision.


Honestly, there is nothing better than failure! You may have asked yourself why am I writing this. Reading this for the first time may sound really wrong, but you learn from experience. Whatever you´re doing you will learn new things and in order for you to become more successful you have to try it by yourself one day. When you take your first steps yourself you will make mistakes. This experience is very important because you learn how to do it right. You will find ways to improve your plan. 

Be successful

For some people, success is the most important thing. I think the small things matter and the fun you put into achieving your goals. As I said have small steps in your plan so you can be happy when reaching another step. Just having a big goal in mind will keep happiness away. It takes time to succeed and in this time you gain motivation from small things. This is why I think planning is the most important thing. Write down your thoughts and make a plan.

Whenever you have an idea or want to achieve something keep this in mind. I hope I was able to help you and maybe you want to tell me your tips on how you do your own thing.

Have a great time!

xx Nike 

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