a year

I haven´t posted here since January. So it has been a while since you have heard from me. The past year has been one of the most exhausting I have had. It has been a year full of studying and it finally came to an end. I am done with school.

I was challenged to organize my life. Ever since I can remember I was busy and very well-engaged in activities. Well, last year I had to stop with some. I had to focus on school. After all, I am happy with my decision to do so. I was able to archive my goals.

There was not only school in the past year. Even though it probably sounds like this. First of all, I lived on my own for four weeks which was a really long time but I enjoyed the experience. During this time I turned 18 as well. For me, my 18th Birthday was supposed to be a big celebration and it wasn´t. I can tell you I am so happy it wasn´t because I was able to spend time with my loved ones. In March I finally had the guts to participate in my first Poetry Slam which was another big step for me. I am used to performing on stage but still, it takes me some courage to do so. Ever since I first participated in a Poetry Slam I was writing texts and looking for inspiration. I got to know a pretty good friend of mine because of our general interest in Poetry Slams.

Between all of this, I wrote my application for an au-pair year in Spain. So guess what, I´ll be staying in Madrid till next year. This was one of the main reasons to come back online with my blog. Honestly, in the past few months, I missed writing.

I had and have further plans on what to do with this blog. My wish is to build my own personal theme. For this, I have to practice some CSS skills which I hope won´t be that difficult. A goal of mine is to be completely happy with how my blog looks and to personalize it.

This should be it for now. Of course, this is not the end. This is the beginning. I will update you and write about my thoughts.

xx Nike

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