#1 My thoughts

My thoughts – I promised myself to start writing again so here I go.

There has been a long break between my last blogpost and now. I had to take some time to figure out where I want to go and what I want to do. This blog is a project I started round about two years ago. At this time my goal was to keep my friends and family from Germany updated about my exchange year. It probably was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Writing about my experiences was so much fun and additionally I improved my camera skills. Well, after I came back to Germany I tried to continue writing and stay the same. After a while I got ambition to do more and better and to reach something – I lost track of what this blog originally was created for. When I realized what happened. I tried to change and than at one point time was passing by so fast. I had no idea how to start writing again and how to change …

I have come to the idea to start a series were I just write about my thoughts. In addition I will post other things but I do not want to put myself under pressure. I want to feel free writing whatever I am concerned, thinking, happy or excited for. Because that´s what really matters! We do not have to chase things – We have to chase our believes!

My thoughts

… will be written in English. The feedback I got on previous posts supports this decision. Certainly when I feel like writing in German – I will! I set myself no boundaries pursuing this project. Therefore I hope you are open to try this with me and read my thoughts.

Finally I am excited what the future has prepared for us. Whenever you have ideas or just want to talk leave me a comment or write me an email I will be pleased to be there for you.

xx Nike


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