monthly update #september

my second month in chile and i had the idea to give you a monthly update. this month was the beginning of spring and we survived the chilean winter. the winter here isn´t as cold as in germany but what´s different is that there is no central heating in the houses. so especially after the sunset, it´s hard. nevertheless, i am happy that the sun is shining longer now

what have i done?

i started this month with a trip to santiago. the long weekend started with the “apruebo” concert at la alameda. on the next day, i finally visited the cerro san cristobal, a mountain in the middle of the city. additionally, we went to the historic city center with plaza de armas, palacio de la moneda, and more. another place we visited was the “templo bahá’í de sudamérica” which was a very impressive place.

furthermore, in september there was the election of the proposal for the new constitution. we experienced this in santiago and although there were no huge protests afterward we got to experience what it means when the police are obligated to use water canons and tear gas.

of course, i went to university this month so i spent some hours in the bib. i still enjoy the view of the pacific while working or hanging out with my friends at university. something i love is watching the sunsets at the beach and talking with friends.

this month was also about nights at bars, salsa parties, raves, and club nights. we went to the movie theater and enjoyed the fiestas patrias at the fonda with terremoto, empanadas and cueca. something i can definitely recommend.

what i am looking forward to?

i am looking forward to a month of traveling. in october i have to leave chile to renew my visa. nevertheless, there will be some events happening here. the architecture school from my university celebrates 70 years of existence. let´s be excited for the next month.

yours nike ^^

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