fear of rejection

Yes, that is true! I believe many of you have experienced similar things as I have. We always get confronted by rejection and it is hard to accept it. Here I have a few anecdotes out of my life. GROWING UP AND EXPERIENCING REJECTION For as long as I can […]

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Short hair don´t care

Short hair is nothing special for me usually, but for the first time in my life I got a hair cut in a barber shop. So I had to write a blog post about it.  Why short hair? Why not – should be the answer! Just try something new and […]

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Immer wieder habe ich mir diese Frage in den vergangenen Monaten gestellt. Durch den Blog und Soziale Medien teile ich viel von meinem Leben und habe am Ende keinen Überblick wen die Informationen erreichen. Dennoch ist mir aufgefallen, wie oft ich mir Gedanken über mein eigens kreiertes Bild mache. Wie […]

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